Book Review: “Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd”

This book exists somewhere in the realms of marketing, philosophy, and cultural commentary. Packed with fabulous bite-sized pieces like:

“I have always thought that the way to keep criticism from devolving into cynicism is to make it the starting point rather than the punctuation mark..”

“Note that the mockery quotient of a category is directly correlated to the amount of meaningless differentiation in it.”

“Consumption is shorthand for identity; people reveal who they are by revealing what they consume.”

For anyone interested in branding, marketing, cultural commentary, or what makes people/products/services exceptional – this book is for you.

For anyone who suspects that all the superficial demonstrations we all give of how “different” we are, is really nothing more than a dialogue that allows us all to avoid the uncomfortable task of having to disrupt the status quo in any way that is meaningfully different – this book is for you.

For anyone who wants to work in marketing, branding, or advertising – this book is absolutely for you.